Workshop Facilitation

I have extensive creative facilitation experience, working with some of the most prestigious organisations and venues across the UK including Talawa, Mimbre Circus, Cardboard Citizens, Creative Homes and Old Vic.

I run workshop projects, creative events and educational programmes alike- as a freelancer, creative associate in organisations and as an independent practitioner. I work with children, young people and adults from a variety of backgrounds. I create inclusive, dialogic and embodied theatre, writing and craft workshops –  exhilarating participants to come away with a deeper sense of self, connection and awareness of their own personal potential.  Ranging from, and not limited to, subject matters and issues about homelessness, disempowerment, forestry and nature craft, theatre audience engagement, Shakespeare In Schools, children’s folk storytelling, historical protest, youth community circus, poetry and much much more…

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I specialise in…

  • Ensemble movement
  • Story devising/telling
  • Spoken word/ poetry
  • Mindfulness and visualisation,
  • Ritual
  • Craft and design
  • Puppetry and object manipulation
  • Drama games
  • Protest and advocacy

 Here are some examples:

  • Advocacy Academy | Homelessness Creative Response Workshop with Young Advocates in training 16-18 years old| Workshop in collaboration with Shelter 
  • Discover Children’s Story Centre | Storybuilder: story telling workshops and creative play exhibitions for families and schools | 0 -11 years old
  • Cardboard Citizens | Enhancing The Personal and Collective Journey – 1 week workshop And ROOTS, BRANCHES,  TREES – 3 week workshop course“A workshop to explore what our human experience tells us about who we are with by Lateisha Lovelace-Hanson” and “highly exhilarating series of workshops through drama games, puppetry, movement and spoken word to generate a deep sense of self and social awareness” |18+ working with people who have experience of homelessness
  • Antiuniversity, Belarus Free Theatre, Arcola Theatre and Hit The Ground |Together We Remember: Remember We Are Together | “Hit The Ground’s post show workshop will move us through active conversation, playful exercises & visual reflections to recognise, share and express what we experienced in Belarus Free Theatre’s prodoction of ‘Tomorrow I Was Always A Lion‘: a theatrical investigation into the nature of psychosis and recovery. In response,  this workshop will invite audience through theatre exercises and discussion, destabilising exclusive constructs in theatre which stifle, limit and oppress the Human shared experience”
  • Hattie and Flora at Kew Gardens | Christmas Nature Craft for children | Installation and running of nature craft for children and their families.