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WRD PRTY is a magical, playful and silly collective sharing space. It’s a bit like a party. It’s a bit like a festival gathering. It’s a bit like a creative platform. It is all of the things because it is about People. Created/Facilitated by Lateisha Davine Lovelace-Hanson.

WRD PRTY invites people from all walks of life to come together and be present. To go on a playful journey of connection with people we know and people we are yet to know.

WRD PRTY people are free to play with and not abide by the prescribed ‘Event’ dynamic: hierarchy of Artist – Audience – Participant – Building. WRD PRTY takes place outside of this hierarchy as a more connected, fun and inclusive way  of looking at how we interact with one another in an open space, create conversation and celebrate each others creative voices. We do this by honouring the circle and invoking oneness because WRD PRTY  is a way We can invite Ourselves to Share and be Open with fellow curious human beings. Listening, responding and nurturing our collective experiences.



All WRD PRTY goers are invited to bring something creatively honest with them. It could be a story you have have been working on, an idea for something beautiful, a poem you wrote years ago and haven’t known what to do with, a piece of music you have been secretly making, the story your parents told you before bed when you were 9 years old, a cake you baked earlier in the day. Whatever it is, it must be from you, even if you didn’t directly make it, it is something that is creatively apart of you….  Here are some more ideas:

Games. Poetry. Song. Music. Food/Drink. Story. Film. Memory. Interests and Intersects. Images. Gifts. Conversation. Myths. Performance. Cushion/Blanket. Objects. Openness and Connection. Laughter. Instruments. Ideas. Listening. Sound. Hugs. Magic. Dance…

And even if you don’t have anything to bring to WRD PRTY right now, but still want come and hear some brilliant art, support the creative space and play some games, you can always bring Yourself.


The WRD PRTY experience is like no other creative space or platform. WRD PRTY is designed by it’s participants, there is no line-up, there is no feature, there is no planning as to what will happen and when. The way WRD PRTY works is unique as it’s about creating a shared experience that is completely dependant on who turns up and what people bring. It could be that after the initial opening exercises (name games, energisers and opening conversations) that everyone at WRD PRTY sits back and watches a short film that some has brought with them, or listens to the first scene of a play that someone has brought with them, or a hears a brand new poem that someone wrote on the train there in a last minute desire to bring something with them. It could be all of these things. But what WRD PRTY is, is an opportunity for everyone to share themselves without judgement. For us all to listen, respond and converse with one another to see, celebrate and nurture who and what we are in a mindful way.

To be apart of a community. To nurture our confidence.To empower, decolonise and playfully liberate the space of our own creative existence…


WRD PRTY began in May 2013. I was living in Deptford, South East London at the time… Trusting my instinct, I wanted to simply have a PRTY, to invite all the lovely people I know round to my home and share all the wonderful things we were working on. I wanted to create a space where we can PRTY as well as learn, celebrate and support what we were all up to. To sing. To run around. To share our poems. To hug each other. To make magic. each other. It was BEAUTIFUL!

Now, years on WRD PRTY is a moving Event: visiting pubs, radical spaces and online spaces alike.


ANTIUNIVERSITY NOW! Festival // Common House 20/11/15 (DETAILS HERE and HERE)

Big Red Pizza Bus, Deptford 13/5/2015

Amersham Arms, New Cross 4/3/2015

PHOTOS! (captured by Wrd Prty attendees inc. Catherine Major)


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