Residency & Exhibition: A is for Apple

Did everyone know I was doing this in Autumn 2017?

I’m excited to say I am one of 4 artists selected to live-in-situ on a variety of Apple farms across the UK . To make arts-activist work in response to the apple farm industry in relation to Brexit

  • For a week I will be staying at   Somerset Cider Brandy and Burrow Hill Cider.
  • Then will be doing a panel discussion on the 18th  OCT 5:00 – 7:30 pm at City, University of London
  • I’ll be exhibiting my work 20 – 26 OCT 11:00am – 6:00pm at 198 Gallery in Brixton, London.
  • The exhibition opening is 20th OCT 5:00 – 8:30 pm and I’ll be running a workshop/sharing about my artistic creation 21st OCT between 12 – 6pm

A is for Apple is a project that looks at the changing landscape of apple farming post-Brexit in England. Apples have often been referred to as the most English fruit. Shakespeare would often refer to apples in his sonnets, there were many tales of scrumping, and today England celebrates Apple Day on October 21st. Many books have been published on the different sorts of apples in England, their history and cultural significance. This tells us that food is not only a basic need but also represents tradition and heritage. It is key to look at farming in this process of cultural make up, since it is the origin of food. Not only does it feed society, it also represents our demands.

Brexit will change the production, trade and consumption of apples in England with its new policies. One of these policies is restricting the use of migrant seasonal workers, which may cause a lot of farms to shut down. Some people are turning to robotics as the solution to replace human workforce. A is for Apple aims to open a conversation among farmers, migrant workers and consumers about these new, changing policies. It will focus on personal lives and stories. We pose the questions: What relationships will be affected? What are appropriate interventions to farming processes? How do we imagine a humane future for farming?

So what will I be creating?

My artistic inquiry will situate itself at the intersection of the extremely British racist coloniality that fuelled the Brexit campaign and the journey of the Apple itself from Central Asia 1,000 years ago to becoming the revered/ iconic object of ‘quintessential Englishness‘ in transatlantic slave trading Victorian Britain to the very lives of seasonal EU migrant workers who currently work the majority of apple farms/lands/ *plantations* in 2017. And let’s not forget the 90% of all apples grown which are wasted cos, in the words of TLC, are “So damn unpretty“.

This denial, this white capitalist colonial construct of global opression needs to end. So, in creative response I’m will be making some badass ritual theatre about it.

Click to see who the other artists involved are:

I look forward to seeing you at the London exhibition for it, we want to keep the conversation going!

In solidarity x


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