PHOTOGRAPHY: Tell Us Your Name

A series of haphazard photos of people & their names // Outcome of conversations about gentrification in Deptford, disposable camera, some silliness, children’s chalkboard and lots of care in my heart //



PROJECT BACKGROUND //  In Spring 2015 I went out onto my local high street in Deptford, tooled with a single use disposable camera, a small chalkboard and a simple idea: ‘Tell Us Your Name’. To  create a series of photos capturing people over the course of one day. People, that make Deptford… Deptford.

It was a playful responsive way for me to get up and just do something in the face of gentrification of the area, of my Home, of a part of… me. A way to not lose sight of ourselves as people, people who have contributed to making this area one of the most magically powerful place’s in London today…

Now – take a look at the Photos – peace, love and liberation.

Feel free to share, respond and get in touch 🙂

Lateisha x




A big thanks to Kes Gill-Martin for your love and support on this project, you always know what to say!