PHOTOGRAPHY: Tell Us Your Name

A series of haphazard photos of people & their names // Outcome of conversations about gentrification in Deptford, disposable camera, some silliness, children’s chalkboard and lots of care in my heart // PLEASE GO TO THE TUMBLR PAGE HERE Exert: PROJECT BACKGROUND //  In Spring 2015 I went out onto my local high street in … Continue reading PHOTOGRAPHY: Tell Us Your Name

event: WRD PRTY

WRD PRTY is a magical, playful and silly collective sharing space. It’s a bit like a party. It’s a bit like a festival gathering. It’s a bit like a creative platform. It is all of the things because it is about People. Created/Facilitated by Lateisha Davine Lovelace-Hanson. WRD PRTY invites people from all walks of … Continue reading event: WRD PRTY