Arts Advocacy & Enagagement

i offer my voice and experience to engage with the people, programme and organisations that effect our critical access to arts and culture //

As an Artist it is absolutely intrinsic to my work to fully engage with the social and political space the Arts occupy and the people it brings in/ leaves out. I bring my experiences to the ever expanding discourse around arts practice, the role of the arts, and the legacies of it. I push for more connected ways of working/participating across all levels of the arts sector/community. To hold exclusivity into account and dismantle discriminatory practice in creative spaces. To make room for free expression, authentic interaction and self-empowerment.

I am a member of various social change collectives and co-ops:

I have worked across various organisations and venues in the UK in this capacity.  From being an Artist Contributor to plenary  discussions and workshop at Ovalhouse Theatre, to being a Youth Panelist for Arts Council England programmes including ‘Sustained Theatre’ and ‘Public Service Broadcasting’. Notably I worked as an Artist Advisor for Yorkshire’s ‘Artist’s Taking The Lead’ as part of the Cultural Olympiad 2012.

Do get in touch here for more info or for my availability for your project.




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