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Lateisha (they-she) is a transformative justice practitioner. Multi-disciplinary artist, movement practitioner, story-protector/ writer, creative facilitator, performance maker and socio-cultural systems change educator. Lateisha is guided by the spiritual call to create spaces for healing liberation through creative actions. Working with groups marginisalised and minoritised by oppression including Black folk, Queers, Homeless peoples, refugees and asylum seekers and young people through community organising collectives, organisations, social centres, unions, art education institutions to effect change/ healing / accountability. Justice. Principled by healing justice frameworks to disrupt and dismantle systems of oppression. For our embodied imaginations to be set free to envision, call in and build a world of connection and (re)belonging. 

As a Black queer non-binary womxn, child of Jamaican immigrant parents and trauma survivor they draw upon the power of prophecy and ancestral knowledge. Rooted in Black feminist traditions, environmental justices practices and community-collective care methodolgies to manifest somatic pathways towards decolonising how we relate to ourselves, each other and the world around… 

Lateisha is artistic leader and co-founder of HIT THE GROUND, an anti-oppressive performance and workshop project space. Currently developing theatre show ‘S/He Breathe/S’ an afro futurist storytelling work set to change the course of our polluted colonised world supported by Arts Council England and Camden People’s Theatre. Lateisha designed, produced and facilitated a Live Art Development Agency ‘DIY’: a 3 day artist retreat called ‘To The Ritual Knowledge of Remembering’, exploring body, memory, place, land and story – how ritual and remembering are tools for reclaiming ancestral ways of being. She also runs HIT THE GROUND workshops in activist, community and theatre settings.

“We must lose ourselves in the particular to find our way to the Universal” Frantz Fanon.
With Love, L x